In 2007, the Province of Ontario lured Richard Florida, the architect of the ‘creative class,’ to Toronto. Millions of tax dollars are spent to pay his exorbitant salary, to support his research institute at the University of Toronto, and to sponsor his vision for our local economies. Mr. Florida is unelected.

‘Creative class’ policies are designed to build money-making cities rather than secure livelihoods for real people. These policies celebrate a society based on inequality, in which a select group of glorified professionals is supported by an invisible army of low-wage service workers. Seduced by the promise of prosperity and growth, governments around the world are reorienting their economies along these ‘creative’ class lines without consulting immigrants, women, people of colour, low-wage workers, and others directly affected by their decisions. Divisive ‘creative class’ policies, implemented in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, serve only to increase the vulnerability of the vulnerable and further empower the powerful.

Creative Class Struggle challenges the dominance of these ideas. Our campaign exposes the politics concealed in the glossy myth of the ‘creative class,’ and confronts the people, governments, and institutions that propagate it. To this end, Creative Class Struggle uses Florida and his theories as a vehicle into a broader set of debates about justice, urban governance, and neoliberalism. Creative Class Struggle mobilizes people to reclaim our institutions, our city, and our elected governments.

What We Do

  • Serve as a clearinghouse for news and information about ‘creative city’ strategies and policies, with an emphasis on our home city, Toronto
  • Create publicity and materials to spread our message
  • Engage the media and the public on these issues by presenting an alternative voice and providing space for debate

5 responses to “Mission

  1. “Mr. Florida is unelected”…so what?

    Are you implying that if Mr Florida were elected, he wouldn’t be getting paid for his work? Or is that not being elected is somehow a slight on democracy? Sorry – if our elected leaders choose to hire a consultant and we don’t like it, we vote them out in the next elections.

    On first looking at your site, “Creative class struggle” is only your specious codeword for trying to create a class war. I look forward to monitoring the development of your message and trying to understand how you might have anything better to offer our cities than some negative rehash of old marxist dogma.

  2. “I look forward to monitoring the development of your message and trying to understand how you might have anything better to offer our cities than some negative rehash of old marxist dogma.”

    pot shots and gross reductions of the CCS’s argument aside, who is richard florida’s work serving, why is it that as a white heterosexual male he finds himself in this position where he can promote “growth” at the expense of marginalized inner city communities? as a geographer working in sustainability policy, shouldn’t this discourse of growth bother you on “first look” rather than this website’s frankly un-aggressive calls for bureaucratic transparency?

    are these not relevant questions to ask? how are you finding issue with this?

  3. Artists set the scene, speculators wipe it clean.

    Read the piece Gentrification Games Artists and watch the clip at end for the role that economics and pyramid purveyors play.

  4. Take a look at what it is doing to small rural communities where Florida’s EC Dev groupies are throwing millions of the tax payers dollar into the Creative Economy boondoggle, at the expense of the community at large. The only jobs being created are ones that are contracted by ED for the marketing of the Creative Economy dream.

  5. i came across your site whilst web-researching class struggle.

    it looks like both the best sort of social solidarity,that i support morally,”politically”and wher possible with some real support.

    secondly,it looks like it is also an innovatory and inventive way to address inequality,exploitation and oppression.im shocked that britain seems more and more a place where our “rulers”watch increasing inequality develop,then contribute to it with slash and burn cuts to solve THEIR crisis,not ours and fail to “protect”us-they have broken the political contract.

    what you seem to be or to offer is hardly old marxism,but a new form of struggle that demands support and respect.it is clear that some of your respondants seem to be humorless and careless in promoting more of the same old competition and exploitation of our labour.i make no apologies for being a class struggle,revolutionary libertarian socialist,who wants to make a world in which “from each according to their ability,to each according to their need”.whilst we have to put up with this rotten,decadent excuse for a political-economic capitalist “order”,they should at least keep to their deal and pay us our wages.all of us,and all of our wages.

    to hell with capitalism,the state and their exploitation of us,our labour and creativity!

    the struggle continues!

    i look forward to hearing from you,

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