Welcome to the Creative City

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4 responses to “Welcome to the Creative City

  1. Really? This is what is has come to? A creative class struggle? I know this site is created by lefties, and I consider myself one of them, but this site is bordering on ridiculous.

    Using terms like “real people” and suggesting creative class-types celebrate inequality and exploitation is down right anti-intellectual.

    seriously people. Florida ain’t my bag of tea, but reactions like this are even worse!

  2. brilliant!
    looks like you ruffled a few liberal feathers.

  3. I don’t take this as a critique of creative types and their personal outlooks at all.

    It’s more a critique of the social form of neo-liberalism and Florida’s attempts to basically sell the neo-liberal agenda in a glossy creative package. All the while ignoring the fact that anywhere his policies are implemented, poverty and all the other social ills of capitalist innequities are exascerbated.

  4. As someone who has fought this struggle in the trenches for some time, I find myself both hopeful and apprehensive at this site.

    Hopeful, because these issues badly need an airing, and many uncritical assumptions about class that have considerable currency in this city, such as the blithe assumption that we can denigrate “industry” without denigrating industrial workers, badly need challenging.

    Apprehensive, because these issues expose a lot of painful contradictions in leftist thinking and practise, which means we will face the temptation to avoid talking serious issues and escape into trivialities. And the focus on a person (Richard Florida) concerns me, because making the issue personal often trivializes and distracts, particularly in the academic context.

    To put it clearly: I don’t think the struggling communities on the outskirts of Toronto sacrificed to downtown development care about Richard Florida’s undergraduate teaching load. The decisions we make in this city transfer billions of dollars, often from poor and struggling communities to a wealthy “hip” downtown. Richard Florida’s ideas matter a lot in this context; his salary doesn’t matter at all. Also, talking about Richard Florida allows us to avoid a painful truth: this city embodies his ideas, not the other way around. We had a city that pushed aside and marginalized working people and pushed communities of colour out to the periphery of the city before Richard Florida completed his PhD. We embodied his theories before he formulated them. It doesn’t do to treat Richard Florida as a scapegoat.

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